Transparency in democracy is not that hard to deliver. Yet, we've let Bureaucracy and media shenanigans get in the way.

Go to the forum, register, and be directly involved in shaping policy.

No One Should be Silenced - Disagree, and move on with life; don't let the trivial breed hate on neighbors, friends, and family. Support alternatives to the 6 media companies and 6 tech oligarchies that own 80% of the news+radio market share.
Why is the Epstein case not a matter of corporate media obsession as much as topics that divide us? 
Why is big news not talking about twilighting the thrice renewed patriot Act?
Why is protection of our biometric and family data rights not a priority for so called journalist?

(Do you remember asking Alexa to track your period?)
Why does the press have us squabbling about taxing each other, when wallstreet & silicon valley getting bailouts?

(I guarantee you that teriyaki place down the block has added more value to your life.)

Did you know big gov gave nonAmerican firms billions in pandemic relief and they don't even employ American merchant sailors?

Are you happy with the fact that our taxes paid off foreign flagged cruiseline companies that employ slave labor while mainstreet stores were forced shut?

Lets track the money, and the nepotism.


It's  not even dark money it's open corruption.

Where this pandemic originated from and what silly awful names it is given is nowhere near as important as the fact the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] actively silenced whistleblowers doctors that tried to warn us and the World Health Organization [WHO] that was complicit in cover-ups. Taiwan has lifesaving information for the world, and India presently has the world's largest vaccine manufacturing capability, we need to be serious about ending the pandemic not just blindly believe in lockdowns. Science has definitive proof of correlation between authoritarian governance and the formation of infectious diseased, but so does common sense. Hate crimes will only be exacerbated if we have leadership that don't call out and demand reparations from the genocidal CCP regime that is truly liable and their enablers.
I am a Chinese-American of 2nd and 6th generation ancestry. I am insulted that politicans have insinuated that the CCP represents me anymore than they represent the poor citizenry they victimize within the borders of Mainland China. The country of China isn't our enemy. However, the communist party and ideology is now and had always been the greatest perversion of good intent and threat to humanity as history has shown across Eurasia, the Caribbeans, Isles of Oceania, and Americas. We need to stop the CCP sickness from further pillaging global fisheries, rainforest, littorals, our atmosphere, genociding ancient peaceful cultures, and humanity via revisionist history,  among other biomes. Having spent years researching environmental policy and abating environmental catastrophe, I guarantee you the CCP has zero intention of actually delivering on mitigating their climate change and environmental impact.


Everyone Counts

This is the reason I am running for office. "My entire life I have watched Wallstreet, Silicon Valley, the University system, and elites on the Hill rob us humble normal Americans. It's long past time we fight back. I don't have empty promises for you, I have real ones, and I emplore you to visit our forums and join this campaign to get involved in the difference."
We all have an eternal responsibility to guide the younger generations to a future better than what present we inherited. 


Ensuring Equal Opportunity - via policy that puts power in your hands

the talking heads spew nonsense flash word like "jobs & unemployment numbers," but they are terrible at getting communities what we need

Jobs are nice, but futures/careers are better, and small business formation gets harder every day under the current cartels.

Help me push federal protection for small stakeholders (tax deduction for fines on innovation); Right to Repair; Net Neutrality; breaking up big tech and cartels; opposing a Central Bank Digital Currency; protecting constitutional rights; removing paywalls of predatory science journals & publishing; jailing actual criminals; enforcing corporate and public white collar crime felonies; abolishing Genetically Modified Organism [GMO] seed laws that criminalize farmers; opening to public researchers advanced science equipment that is bought with public money at university labs; getting rid of legal fraud like the Transportation Workers Identification Card [TWIC] that only penalizes law abiding Americans, making home ownership a possibility without urban sprawl

I have worked in the machinery of Washington, D.C. and alongside local governments, I guarantee you a return of tax dollars to citizens in the form of a dividend payment will do more for American communities than they can.


can&should coExist with economic & Public Health - revive maritime and trade industries - incentivize local growers & producers

help reverse desertification efforts, incentivize micropower grids, grow forest on land and at sea, rainwater harvest, create artificial reefs, expand allowed use of fish aggregation devices - do more good listen to less political talk with me

I've researched environmental remediation and improvement for almost two decades towards my Masters of Science in Environmental Policy. Elect me to help implement solutions that don't tax anyone, and actually improve our health and economy. 

Special interest owned lawyers masquerading as leadership and multi-national corporate media will never teach you about the Satoyama & permaculture solutions that are abundantly available to better your life in health and finance while simultaneously helping improve our shared environment.  They're more worried about sensationalizing the latest divisive literal trash talk that only angers and upsets people.

I am more educated and traveled on matters of environmental remediation and development than anyone of my rival candidates for congress to include the incumbent." investing in innovation, not entrenched industries, micropower, microgrids, hydropower, 4th generation nuclear, microbial fuel cells [MFC], rainwater harvesting and catchment, vermicomposting, terra preta, subsistence farming, using biologic water and carbon sinks to abate droughts, polyculture husbandry, hydrogen generation, tax deductions over grants (not making it rain with taxdollars)

Also addressing "global" catastrophe, with truly global not just domestic virtue signaling. (IE: Penalizing CCP rape of global fisheries, propagation of pandemics, and emissions. Incentivizing artificial reef and forest creation. )


I'm not a politician.

big and small government like the rest of us can learn to live within their means - we need to force them to, and get them out of our pursuit of prosperity
Ask yourself at what cost in liberty for you and your children do you expect certain services that will by nature be ineptly provided by the government? With the growing number of taxpayers that have enter by hundreds of thousands into our area each year, do you believe that our beurocracts are better budgeting that extra income? The party has been in power for 35+ years and I for one just see things getting worse.
At this point, we Americans would all be better off if they were to just return our money to us so that we can build the nonprofits and buisnesses that will improve our communities ourselves.