Come Fight for What We Americans All Believe In  - Together    "E Plurbus Unum"

My story is your story.

I'm someone struggling day to day to ensure a better tomorrow for my daughters, and hopefully your family too.

For decades we watched these politicians and talking heads divide the country, making it harder for us to provide. Prices are up, houses are ungodly expensive, and social security will be gone in give/take 10 years.

Inflation, Health industrial complex (big pharma, insurances firms, 'non-profit' hospital Inc.), criminals/ thieves, & College Industry (rackets) all waiting to take any savings you have managed in life - either through you or someone you love.

Our neighbors, our community, our families getting torn apart by
People who think they're your betters!

Work with me to Vote Them All Out & Hold Them Accountable to >>WE THE PEOPLE<< and let history and the blood of leaders/survivors/warriors in us be our guide to remind our country that this government

>>By US For US<< and individual rights!


I'm A scholar, a vagabond, a father, - I am my ancestor's 6th generation American dream, and you can be yours.