Unity, Accountability, & Truth

Hi, I'm Sea Chan, a new parent, patriot, immigrant son, and merchant sailor running for congress in Washington. (About Me)
I hold a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management, obtained after a decade working around the world and across the country utilizing my Bachelor's Degree in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation as a mechant mariner. Our congressman's website says that opportunities for my generation have gotten worse since he's been at the helm and only headed toward catastrophe. Elect me for a course correction!     


After seeing the declining state of our country & forever wars over my entire adult life I'm here to let 24+ year incumbents that have never known service, like our congressman, know that I believe middle class folks like us can advocate for ourselves. We want & need sensible leadership that unites not divides! We don't need the party to tell us how to live life. 

Do You Think this career politician is actually willing to hand the torch over to an unrepresented minority working class union member? Afterall, our home WA-9 is the most diverse district in our country following the gerrymandering. Now, I don't expect we'll agree on everything, but you can trust I will deliver. Please explore this site and learn more about my plans for tangible progress.